Pastor Joshua Potter

In September of 2010 my wife and I and our one year old daughter moved to Sioux city. We were unsure about our next role our assignment. Shortly after our time here in Sioux city we started to realize there was a purpose for us being here.

We started to ask ourselves, if we had the privilege of leading a church again what would we want it to look like? It quickly became clear that we didn’t just want to be another church in our city. There are a lot of other great churches in our city, but we wanted to be the best church that we could be for our city.

We started to ask what would it look like to gather a large group of people who lived on purpose? Who went to work on purpose understanding that God had placed them there for the benefit of those they worked with. People who lived in their neighborhoods on purpose with the understanding that God had uniquely placed them in their neighborhood for a reason so that they could be a benefit to those around them. As this played out we started to dream of a church where students went to school on purpose and people lived on purpose in their families and while they coached their son or daughters soccer team.

Sioux City is full of moms and dads, kids, young singles and married folks. It’s full of empty nesters and those contemplating retirement or have already retired.

We figured out that we are all asking the same question. What the purpose for my life? 

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